Do You Have a Backup Plan for Your Big Day?

The national average for engagement times is 14 months. This equates to thousands of hours of planning by the bride along with her family, and closest friends. This also means significant dollars are spent for all the amenities required for this big event.

For those who are planning an outside wedding, what do you do if the weather becomes a negative factor? Does your venue offer a backup plan to move the ceremonies indoors? If so, has this plan been practiced by the venue coordinator? Does your venue have enough space inside to accommodate all your guests? Some venues have more outside space, than they do under roof. Therefore if the weather does not cooperate, and you have no alternative inside plan, you are stuck with a major decision. Do you wait it out? What are your choices?

Charleston Sky has made this situation easy for the bride, and groom. Our staff, who is onsite for the duration of your event, will monitor the weather and assist you in this decision making process. If the need arises for the ceremonies to move indoors, this task can be accomplished very quickly by our staff. Guests will be instructed on the change, and everyone moved inside with as little confusion as possible.

The other factor which is often over looked is the electrical provider for the venue. With an ever growing population, and a huge housing boom taking place, both factors place a huge strain on our electrical grid. Many more densely populated areas experience what is known as a brown out during peak summer months due to system over load. In Texas, peak months for record heat is June, July, and August. The spring and fall months can also get hot for outdoor weddings.

So what can a venue to do to combat this problem? Charleston Sky has made the investment in alternative power for just such an emergency. With a diesel generator in place waiting, and ready, it will be as if the disaster never happened. The system is electronically monitored, and in the event the system detects power loss, it automatically switches over to back up power for as long as the situation lasts.

Many brides may never consider these two situations during their planning. These issues may never be a factor in a bride’s big day, however if overlooked and not prepared for, this could be a day the bride never forgets.

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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