Since we opened Charleston Sky in 2018, we have noticed a large number of people remodeling barns, and calling them wedding venues. We spent countless hours of research in the design of Charleston Sky, and our guests notice every detail. When you convert a barn your stuck with the existing design of the barn, and the existing plumbing and electrical. I read one story where a couple built a barn to store their RV, and now have decided to host weddings there. Really!!

To all the perspective brides out there, your big day is worth more than a former RV storage facility. Texas is one of the few states who does not regulate wedding venues. I am sure in the near future this will change. People only elect to convert barns to save money and nothing else. They are in the business for the quick buck, however when they learn the amount of work it takes, they are gone. We made the investment and built Charleston Sky from the ground up and it shows in every detail.

Charleston Sky has the capacity of 250 people inside. We also have a sperate serving area out of sight of your guests. The vendors have their own private entrance, as do the bride, and the grooms entourage have their own entrance. The guests enter through yet another entrance just for them. This helps everything flow smoothly, without people bumping into people. One thing people hate is being crowded. Our facility is very well insulated and stays cool in the summer, and warm in the colder months. This is important when you have a large group of people gathered to maintain a comfortable temperature.

From the hand made chandeliers to the custom-built staircase, Charleston Sky set out to be elegant. A place where every young lady could watch her dream, since she was old enough to start planning, come to life before her very eyes. Whether it is under the repurposed grain bin gazebo next to the blue pond surrounded by artificial grass. Or, inside under the 35 ft tall roof with hardwood beams, and your choice of up-lighting shining on the roof.

Ladies, do not be fooled by a barn with a makeover and a cheap price tag. The price is cheap for a reason.

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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