It goes without saying that these past few weeks have been some of the most emotional and unnerving times that many of us can ever remember. And those of us in the wedding industry have faced challenges and I can assure you we all want your event to still be one that will be as memorable as you dreamed! The efforts of so many in the last month are beautiful examples of shared human values!

Covid–19 has led to government restrictions imposed on public gatherings in an effort to flatten the curve. The good news here at Charleston Sky Wedding & Event Venue is that LOVE IS NOT CANCELED! Our couples are choosing to reschedule their weddings so as not to place their friends and families in harm’s way. We are thrilled with how resilient and positive our clients have been. All of our March and April Weddings have been rescheduled to future dates in 2020. Some of our May couples are being pro-active in anticipation of an extension on the mandates placed, and we are finding dates in 2020 for them as well.

So….having said that, to all of you planning a 2020 event, now is the time to grab a date as soon as you can as the dates will be filling up quickly. But how you may ask??? EASY! Shopping online is not a new concept, well maybe for Venue shopping, but hey, we do what we have to do right?!

We encourage you to visit our website at and check out our 3D Virtual tour. On our Facebook page at Charleston Sky Wedding & Event Venue, you will find our lovely video that allows you to tour Charleston Sky and allow you to see how gorgeous our venue is. Not only that, but we also have a beautiful compilation of all the weddings Chris Yates Films has done here at Charleston Sky in one stunning video. Not only that, but Carol, our Manager would be happy to chat with you using Zoom Video Conferencing.

Gather is a software program that our staff uses to communicate with our clients after they have booked with us. So all contracts can be signed and messaging can be done via using this system. We promise to make this as easy on you as possible!!

We anticipate moving forward the 2020 weddings and possibly the early 2021 weddings and events will look a lot different than in the past. Smaller sizes and with a more personal touch, as we will not take for granted what all has changed recently. Being the backdrop to your event is an honor and a privilege and we wish you all well and be safe!

Love is not canceled!

Carol Lowery
Venue Manager – Charleston Sky

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Brides are urged to look at our relevant blog posts for answers to some of your wedding questions.

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