And suddenly, you know….It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Looking back on the past 3 years that we have been hosting events, I smile when I vividly remember Kevin and Lisa Carter approaching me about their idea. Creating a building where your friends and family will be able to experience a place that would be the perfect backdrop to their wedding day or special event. I knew, I just knew that this is what we needed to do, and I also knew, felt it in my heart that we were going to be an amazing team together. It took one full year from that first meeting to plan and execute the vision that is Charleston Sky Wedding & Event Venue today.

Our very first event was the Delta Co Chamber of Commerce Banquet. There were definitely a few details that were not done at that time, but we were anxious to get started!! I cannot begin to tell you how much we learned in that one night alone!! This is where this great quote comes in handy, “Nothing is a waste of time if you learned something”.

Our next event was a Wedding at the end of April and another one the first weekend of May!! We were so excited!! Those 2 weddings could not have been more different! Because as we have learned in 3 years, every couple is unique and brings a different vision to their wedding due to many factors. The wedding in April was mainly a DYI event and the one in May was an event that had many vendors and working elements to make it a grand day! Quickly we learned to adapt to each and every event and treat it with the special needs that day requires. The weddings and events the first year were a whirlwind of learning experiences and adapting to even re-wording our contracts!! We have hosted Banquets, Sorority Formals, Proms, Christmas Gatherings, a Fashion Show, and of course Weddings, from intimate to full-on celebrations!

We are humbled by the trust so many families have put in us to host some of the most precious of life celebrations!! We knew when this journey started that it would be exciting and fun. I do not think we realized HOW much fun and excitement there would be! We have seen the truly hilarious to the most heart-wrenching moments that can occur at any given moment during one of these life celebrations. From the most adorable little ones on wedding day to even a Granny as the flower girl to the remembrance of a loved one who is not going to be there with all of you on this special day. How these families remember these loved ones have been so creative and heartfelt. To be able to witness the beginning of such special journeys as these couples gather together with family and friends, well folks, we are not just a building. We have developed friendships, I follow many of my Brides to this day on Facebook or Instagram and see their little family with their fur babies or see their new babies that they have created, and I am like, wow, you were just in here all excited planning your wedding day! Developing great relationships with our fellow wedding industry vendors has become way more important than I could have imagined!! Working together as a whole team is so very important and we value that importance here at Charleston Sky.

When booking your event here at Charleston Sky, I promise you will receive service that goes above and beyond, we really do love what we do and we do it well. This venue will be the perfect backdrop to your life celebration and we will be ready to work with you and your vendors to see to it that your day is all you wanted it to be and more!

Carol Lowery, Manager

Kevin & Lisa Carter, Owners

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