What to do if your Guests Decide to Have Too Much Fun with the Open Bar…

Guest post by Michaela Daniels

When an open bar is involved, there is always that opportunity for that “one” guest to have a little too much fun. How do you make sure your guests have a blast partying away, while making sure they arrive home safely, hopefully without the crazy Uber bill and a massive hangover headache the next day? There are a few tips that your venue can help you with that will help you monitor alcohol while at the same time throwing a party of a lifetime. P.S. It’s way easier than you think.

First of all, make sure you get a bartender that knows what they are doing. There is nothing worse than having a friend bartend, only to flirt with the groomsman the rest of the night and totally forgetting about the thirsty people lined up behind the bar (true story, unfortunately). I’m here to make the mistakes so you don’t have too. A good bartender knows when to cut someone off without them realizing they have been officially “barred” from the bar. Find a bartender that can make people laugh and serve up the perfect bridal martini at the same time. Pro tip: use cans instead of kegs so that guests will monitor how many “cans” of beer they have consumed instead of glasses. Who counts the number of glasses they drink?

Also, most venues (including this one) will require security (normally an off-duty police officer is the best) to monitor the reception. While it is easy to consider hiring security as a hassle and an unneeded expense, it is a total plus for you. Most off-duty cops are fine staying in the background unless needed. Plus, they work for you—if your boyfriend’s crazy ex-girlfriend, or vice versa, (unlikely, but still…) decides to show up, they can quietly escort them off premise, without any Taylor Swift-esque “Speak Now” moment. They are also the ones that make sure your guests arrive safely at home, or have a Designated Driver take them home at the end of the night so you don’t have to worry. Possibly send the officers a piece of cake and they will be your greatest ally for the wedding day party. Trust me, they are well worth your time and always a plus to have at your wedding.

It doesn’t take much to throw the perfect reception and have your guests dancing and laughing and partying until that final sendoff moment. With these few tips, you can throw the wedding party of the year and have all your friends bragging on your epic party planning skills, while making sure all your friends arrive home safely after partaking in the open bar. It’s your dream wedding day. Let’s make it one for the memories and record-books—in a good way.

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