In this day and age, we all have technology at our fingertips 24/7. Wedding Venues will do anything and everything to get you to visit their business. Taking elaborate pics to make their venue look bigger, and nicer than what is really is in person. We pride ourselves in the fact that what you see is what we offer. I love hearing a perspective bride walk in to Charleston Sky and say “It is more beautiful in person.” As a business owner this speaks volumes to me, and our marketing. We show you exactly what we have to offer, without all the staging pics, and fake ambiance. We understand this is a big day in your life and you are looking for the best bang for your buck.

Most of our weddings take place outside underneath our grain bin gazebo. This is truly a work of art, and it has been decorated in so many great ways. The hand scraped cedar posts, holding up the roof top which is 70 plus years old. Add the turf lying under the cedar benches for guests, makes this is truly a phenomenal place to exchange your vows. We even have a grain bin bar which is also hand built right on the property. Set up with the old antique Coca Cola cooler inside to keep your favorite beverages cold.

We speak to so many brides who tell us stories about our competition charging for chairs! I often refer to this tactic as nickel and diming you to death. Show you one low price and then keep adding on to the price until it is out of control. We have flat rate pricing for 12-hour rental which is very simple and easy to understand, and yes it includes tables and chairs. We also offer you the choice between round or rectangular tables. The only additional charge you can add is the bar package for serving alcohol to your guests. Yet again we have this set at a flat rate, no gimmicks or sales tricks.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have enough to worry about so make your venue rental simple yet elegant. Come see Charleston Sky we would love to give you a tour. We truly have so many choices!

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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