Invention is the mother of necessity is an English language proverb meaning the driving force for most innovations is need. The wedding industry is no different. During this pandemic, we have seen Charleston Sky shut down completely. When we could reopen, it was at a fraction of capacity, leaving families scrambling to decide. Do we wait longer, cut our guest list down, and do the latter of the two who get cut?

Then we learned the term Micro Wedding. Reasonably self-explanatory and to the point. As we have said in prior blogs, many couples pay for their weddings with little to no family help.

With everything happening around us so fast, I asked what we could do differently and still serve our customer base? A smaller venue option was the first idea that comes to mind. Why would we do this after what we spent so much to make Charleston Sky so elegant?

The answer is simple, supply and demand. People still want to get married, however, just on a smaller scale. And during these trying times, on a much smaller budget as well.

So, The Mill Downtown was born. A beautiful 100 plus year-old building masterfully renovated to Wow every visitor. This place is stunning and quaint, from the original tin ceiling tiles to the original brick walls inside. The main accent piece inside is a handmade 10-foot table made from the floor of an antique railroad car. Ready to host weddings, receptions, and any other party one may dream up in style!

Located on the historic downtown square in Cooper, Texas, the building also features a two-bedroom fully renovated apartment upstairs. This upstairs space offers plenty of room for the glowing brides and their entourage a stunning place to get ready for the big day. With a full kitchen and living area, you will have plenty of room to prepare for your big day.

Schedule your tour today, and you too will see why so many have already booked The Mill Downtown for their big day.

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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