How to Make Sure Your Guests Have Wedding Fun

Guest post by Michaela Daniels

There is nothing more annoying than to have planned the perfect sparkler or glow-stick exit, only to discover that Aunt Sue and a few straggler guests only ones remain for your sendoff, ruining your perfect Pinterest worthy moment. How do you make sure that your guests have a fun wedding and stick around for that killer exit? Don’t stress. Here are a few tips from a girl who has seen over 100 weddings to insure your guests are having fun long into the night. Let’s stop time at your wedding until that final song rings and you and your dreamy spouse are sailing off into the sunset.

First, end that dreaded “wait zone time”. While you and your new spouse may be enraptured taking stunning couple photos that will last a lifetime, your guests are hungry and bored waiting for you to come back. Instead of having them stand around checking their watch, serve some oeuvres and perhaps have a few games to whittle the time away such as giant Jenga, Cornhole, or my personal favorite, giant Uno cards! Your guests won’t even know you’re gone if they have a drink in their hand, snacks in their stomachs, and a bonding game designed to meet new friends. By the time you are back, they will be ready to sit down, relax with new acquaintances, do the toasts, and cut some cake! When you end that “wait zone,” your guests will move from one activity to the next totally forgetting about time and what they are paying the babysitter at home to watch the little ones.

Also, when it comes time to dance, don’t stick to just couple dances. There will always be those few single fellows or ladies twiddling their thumbs not knowing what to do in the interim. Blend it up between slow dances and party favorites with obviously your own personal musical taste mixed in. While hearing Cupid’s Shuffle is akin to pulling teeth for me, it is a great way to have your guests up and dancing. Perhaps, if you are brave, you can throw in the Texas River Dance for fun. Then, time stops until the DJ calls for that special ending song to be played before your grand exit. All of a sudden, your guests wake up from their wedding trance and realized they have stayed for far longer than originally intended. Also, it means your dream sendoff is now the perfect Instagram fodder.

You did it. Your guests had a fun. You planned the perfect wedding! Hurray for you! Pat yourselves on the back. And, now it will be your epic wedding that all your friends want to imitate in the future. Trust me, these few simple tricks of the trade mean all the difference in the world. If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about Aunt Sue and those few stragglers being the only remainders at your wedding. Your wedding will be one for the record books.

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