Wedding Venue Questions – What To Ask:

Your Venue is one of the first (and most important!) decisions you will make towards your special event. Exploring all the gorgeous options out there can be fun, but overwhelming. Narrow your search by starting with these wedding venue questions.

1) Is the date available
2) Can this space accommodate your number of guests
3) Does this Venue fit within your budget

If the Venue meets these three requirements – Yay!
Book your tour, visit the Venue and see if it has the vision you are looking for. When you do visit your favorite Venue, bring a list of questions that will help you know what to expect and your big day can run smoothly.


  • Is there a venue director
  • Will he/she be there on the day of the event
  • What are the duties he/she is responsible for
  • Do we get to chose our own vendors
  • Is there a preferred vendors list
  • Are there any restrictions concerning our chosen vendors


  • What are the hours of rental
  • Is the space to be used exclusively for us
  • Is there a bridal/groom’s suite available
  • Is there an outdoor space to be used
  • What is the parking situation
  • Is there specific space for DJ/Band/Photo Booth
  • What is your cancellation policy


  • Can we use our own caterer
  • Do you have a person to cater the event
  • How does the cleanup process work
  • Is there a prep Kitchen/Serving area for Food


  • What are the rules regarding alcohol at this venue
  • Who provides the bar tending services
  • What is the policy regarding security


  • Are there any restrictions on decor items (candles, etc)
  • Will any furniture or decor be provided to us by the venue (tables, linens, chairs etc.)
  • When can we expect to bring our decor to the venue


  • When can my vendors arrive to set up
  • Will there be a point of contact when they arrive to direct them
  • How long are the guests welcome to stay
  • Is there a hourly fee for going overtime
  • Are there any sendoff restrictions (sparklers, bird seed, etc)

As you can tell, there are many details and questions to be asked. At our venue we welcome and appreciate these wedding venue questions. The more bases that are covered before booking, the better chance to prevent mishaps leading up to and on your big day! Being prepared on your venue tours will help narrow down your favorite places based on your needs. The Charleston Sky staff know how important it is for all to go well, and our personal touch will be felt from the very beginning all the way to us turning out the lights.

Carol Lowery
Venue Manager – Charleston Sky

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