What happens when the party is over?

After many events at Charleston Sky we have seen a common theme. The Bride and Groom have a wonderful wedding, surrounded by family and friends along with countless hours of preparation by many people. Decorations are brought in by the truck loads, and countless hours of labor go into making the Venue look even more spectacular than it already is for the big event.
Vows are exchanged, the cake is cut, and everyone dances the night away. Now it is time to send the newly wed couple off in grand fashion. Everyone gathers around, and cheers as the couple make their get away to their predetermined destination.
Exhausted from months of preparation the bridal party is ready to grab their things and go home. But, wait! What happens to all the decorations? Who is going to clean up the venue as agreed contractually by the bride and groom?
We have found on many occasions the bridal party was unaware this responsibility would fall on their shoulders. In our rental package we do offer a cleanup service for an additional fee. As we see more couples these days paying for the wedding out of their own pockets, they often decline this option to save money. This is perfectly fine; however, the venue still has to be returned to the clean status is was in when everyone arrived.
We have created a check list which we now email to the bride and groom a few weeks prior to their big day reminding them to please share this information with the bridal party.
These are necessary rules, and policies that you and your guests will be required to follow, without exception. The rules are both for you, and your guests’ safety as well as for the preservation of our beautiful Venue.

• Clients are responsible for removal of all TRASH, food, personal items, decorations, props, SWEEPING and CLEANING
off TABLES in the Venue (Dumpster provided behind Venue)
• No glass bottles allowed
• No outside alcoholic beverages allowed on the property (Other than what client brings to serve guests)
• No liquor allowed (unless what client brings for margarita machine)
• No confetti, glitter or sand

We want everyone to have a good time, and enjoy their big day.

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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