Gathering in person events will be back before 2022 with numbers similar to pre-Covid. Attendees will be twice as confident in getting together at events by this Fall as compared with the start of the pandemic. Here at Charleston Sky Wedding and Event Venue, our numbers have doubled in the last month with inquiries! Yay! Reaching out to us is easy as we are on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. Our messages are checked daily! When using our website you will have access to videos and a plethora of pictures to view and a lead form you fill out that will be set to us instantly.

If you are planning on any event this year where you will need a venue, I would suggest you start now as I know dates truly are filling up fast. Charleston Sky is not just for weddings, we welcome the business world and would love to have more of those types of events here. We have recently restructured our pricing to enhance the booking for corporate banquets and dinners. At our venue, the set up of your tables and chairs just the way you want it is always included. As is the clean up as well! Access to our bar and/or security staff can be added for a minimal fee. We even have bar options indoors or outside under a Gazebo overlooking the pond.  

This is the turnaround we’ve been waiting for and we are ready to host your events and guide you on the safest way to do it. We have continued to host events in 2020 and now into 2021 although things do look a bit different,  we are all the wiser for it. The challenges brought on by this pandemic have been met and exceeded by the vendors we work with. We hope you will think of us when planning your event. We are ready and look forward to meeting you!

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