Choosing your wedding and event vendors is made easy when you book your event with Charleston Sky Wedding & Event Venue! Our list of recommended vendors has you covered in every category you can think of and some you probably have NOT thought of. The vendors we recommend have all been to our venue and we have listened to their music or tasted their food or seen the magic they create!

Your vendors, the caterers, photographers, florists, DJ all are there to bring your vision to life. The team for your event needs to be professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated. As your venue here at Charleston Sky we know very well the importance of all this as we have seen many events and have worked closely with these people and that is a priority here. We want them to feel welcomed as we all have the same goal in mind, that you have the best event possible!!

Our Vendor dream team list will be given to every couple that books with us. That does not mean you HAVE to use our vendors, you have the option to use whoever you like. This is how we have met most of our favorites, thru our clients!! Our list consists of those we admire because we are huge fans of their style, work and they know our policies.

The reason your vendor selection is important and why we make it easy on our clients is because your guests really do care about what venue you chose and what food you are serving!

Reflecting on your taste, style and personality is what your wedding (or event) is all about. However, there is also going to be a whole bunch of other people who have traveled and spent money to attend your big day – your guests. So, it is important to take their comfort and enjoyment into consideration. So how do you narrow down the details that your guests will actually care about? Let me make this easy for you…

The reception venue is one of the very first things you will do when planning your big day. We (the venue) set the tone for your entire wedding. According to a Wedding Wire study, 51% of guests said the venue was one of the biggest things they notice when they attend a wedding.
Your guests want to celebrate you and your new spouse and good music is essential for that party atmosphere! Over half of wedding guests said they cared about having good music at a wedding. Make sure you hire a professional who can read your crowd to ensure the dance floor will be packed all night, you do not want bored guests!!

77 percent of wedding guests said that food is one of the most important things they pay attention to at weddings. Whether you choose to serve the meal plated, buffet-style or family-style is your call, but your food choice should appeal to a wide range of tastes and is plentiful. That’s where hiring a skilled and experienced caterer comes in.

For some guests, the highlight of a wedding is free booze! Limiting your guests to the options of beer, wine, and our wonderful margarita machine will provide ample drinks to your guests.
Both during the ceremony and reception, guests are indeed checking out your décor. Working with your vendors to come up with a cohesive color scheme and wedding style will ensure that your décor is on point without having to go Pinterest crazy!!

All of us here at Charleston Sky want you to have the best experience possible and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We are available to help in any way that we can. Reaching us is easy and we value personal communication in a timely manner.

Carol Lowery, Manager

Kevin & Lisa Carter, Owners

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