One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers is when they take a tour of a competitor’s venue, and the competitors pricing is too complicated. A charge for the venue, then a charge for tables and chairs, etc. Charleston Sky has worked very hard to have a set price with almost everything included. For instance; Our Venue rental is for 12 hours which includes either round tables, or rectangular with a chair for each guest. We have heard about venues who charge per table set up. This is a no brainer in our opinion. Our job is to make this big day less stressful, not complicate it with crazy pricing.

We had one client share a caterer story of pricing where they were charging an extra $.45 per person for the cup and saucer, and an extra $3.00 for coffee service!

We also offer a Bar Package, which includes a TABC certified bartender, along with an off duty police officer for security. This package comes with margarita machine, and margarita mix. All the client has to do is furnish the tequila. Our staff even mixes the margaritas for the client to ensure the best taste possible for their guests.
We offer a photo booth package which is really popular during weddings. This package comes with interactive touch screen photo booth, and an attendant to ensure your guests make the most out of this feature. After the party is over all captured pictures are downloaded to a thumb drive and given to the clients. We have seen some pretty funny photos in the photo booth!!

So, as you can see our Venue rental is fairly simple, and straight forward. If you just want a wedding no problem just a Venue rental for one fee. If you want to serve alcohol, no problem.

Basically, we have three packages to choose from:

1-Basic package
2-With alcohol
3-With photo booth

Keep Charleston Sky in mind for your big day, we are not about nickel and diming customers!

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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