Charleston Sky clients are so much more than just that; partners would be a better description of the relationship we choose to establish. From first contact to after event wrap-ups, our goal is to give you the highest return on investment we are capable of. How do we do that? By investing our time and expertise back into our partners just as they have invested their time and money into us.

Initial conversations with our partners can begin through many different channels: social media, text, email inquiry, telephone call, or during community events in which Charleston Sky is a participant. Regardless of the type of inquiry (and we welcome them all), you will receive a response from a real person….no canned responses here!! Carol, Charleston Sky’s Venue Manager, will introduce herself and provide as much general information at this time as possible.

Our next step together is to schedule an exclusive time to come tour the venue. We encourage you to bring others who are important to your event such as your significant other, family members, bride tribes, and event planners. Visions of your event will start flowing as soon as you enter the gates! Picture taking is encouraged in addition to taking notes, measurements, etc. It is the fine details such as windmill ceiling fans and diamond-like light fixtures in the bridal suite, all discovered during the personalized tour.

We are ready to book your event on the day of your tour, and many times do just that. A deposit is required to secure your date, as we will not book more than one event on any date. Regardless of the size, time needed for preparation and decoration, the number of guests invited or outside vendors involved, Charleston Sky is exclusively yours on your chosen date.

Between booking and day of, Carol is partnered with you ensuring the venue details required are in place, ready to roll on the event day. While this could be a first-time planning experience for our partners, Carol and staff have several hundred under their belts. As such, we are asking questions as well, leaving no detail to chance. Charleston Sky’s table and chairs will be set up to your specifications when you arrive, in addition to accommodating the space for vendors such as caterers, master of ceremonies or DJs, photographers, etc. Winter event? No problem, we will have coat racks available. Rain forecasted for an outdoor event? No worries, as we’re watching the weather and working with you on an inclement weather plan.

Most importantly, Carol’s favorite time is being present during the entire event. Although you won’t see her in any pictures, rest assured she is investing behind the scenes. Greeting vendors, offering solutions before issues arise, and overseeing the flow of the day is a return on investment that each and every client partner will receive.
Just as Charleston Sky invests in our client partners, as an employer we invest in our staff. Each bartender is TABC certified; each security officer is off duty law enforcement. We ensure each professional is current on their respective education and certifications.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow, foster and build the idea that was a mere thought. Without you, it would have remained just an idea.

Lisa Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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