When is the music too loud?

Everyone has their favorite song they love to crank the volume up to when it comes on the radio. You know every word, and you sing it just like the artist performing. Right?
Well this is all fine, and well when you’re driving home, or even in the shower. However, when you are at a social event, or wedding the last thing the guests want to hear is music so loud it hurts their ears.

Texas State law is as follows:
Section 42.01(c)(2) of the Texas Penal Code states that a noise is presumed unreasonable if the decibel level exceeds 85.

Here are a few things to relate decibel levels to:
– Conversation in restaurant, office, background music – 60 decibels
– Garbage disposal – 80 decibels
– Blender – 80 decibels
– Power mower – 96 decibels
– Motorcycle at 25 ft – 90 decibels
– Eardrums can rupture at – 150 decibels

One of the things we have implemented at Charleston Sky is a decibel level contract. The bride, and groom can choose any outside music vendor they prefer. This choice is contingent on the music vendor signing our decibel contract which is in line with Texas State Law.

This is not meant to put a damper on anyone’s big day. This is more of a safety concern than anything. Not to mention a few legal cases where guests have come back and filed litigation against the Venue for hearing damage afterwards. Yes, this has actually happened.

What is the point of attending a social function if you cannot have a conversation with the person next to you? Many of the events enjoy family, and friends in attendance who have not seen each other in years.

So come enjoy the festivities, and leave the volume to us!

Kevin Carter
Owner – Charleston Sky

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